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PORT INFORMATION                               115


Exports fruit, cork, pit props, and wine; bar draught of 17 ft.; river
port on the Douro (sand barred); cargo discharged in lighters; 720
miles London.


Algiers. Imports: fuels; exports: mineral ore, esparto grass,
and grain; has a fine harbour; water 46 ft.; charges are moderate;
good accommodation; dispatch 700-800 tons daily; 1,530 miles


Exports: pit props, timber, wood-pulp; dispatch slow; averages
300-400 tons daily; tends to be dear; water 24 ft.; 1,200 miles Leith,


Length. 44 miles, Cristobal to Balboa; deep water to deep water
51 miles, water 41 ft.~45 ft. The Canal dues scale is based on slightly
less than net register; 4,500 miles direct.


Exports: grain, petroleum, and coal; imports: metallic ores;
charges are moderate; dear stevedoring; very quick dispatch;
water 35 ft and over; 2,980 miles London.


Athens. Imports: coal and general cargo; exports: tobacco,
fruit, general cargo; water depth 35 ft.-26 ft.; loading and discharge
by lighters; 500-600 tons daily; dear port, 2,820 miles London.


Oregon. Exports: wheat and lumber; accommodation 40ft.;
special wharves and elevators for grain; charges are low; stevedor-
ing charges are high; loading about 900-1,000 tons daily; 8,500
miles London.

PORT SAID (Mediterranean terminal of Suez Canal)
Fuelling station; 3,220 miles London.


River port. Exports: rice, hardwoods, pig lead; native labour;
low charges; loading 750-800 tons daily; 7,980 miles London.


River Port on Dwina. Imports: coal; exports: pit props and
flax; water 24 ft.; 500-600 tons; dispatch slow; charges are low;
1,100 miles Leith.


Imports: coal, oil, machinery; exports: general cargo, fruit, iron
ore, coffee; 500 tons daily; possible to load and discharge on shore
and overside at once; charges are moderate; 5,200 tmtea London,